The Managerial Leadership Program

We know how challenging it can be to lead a team—this is something that we experience as leaders everyday. This led us to develop this training program which specifically targets skilled managers and leaders who want to pursue their professional growth. Helping you reach your professional milestones, this program addresses organizational functions of a leader, the different roles of a leader, and how to deal with employee motivation while going through a period of change. Taking a holistic approach to leadership, we also guide you through problem solving with a team and making moves that are in line with the organization's vision. This short but informative 2-day program is sure to help you through most, if not all, the challenges you face as the head of your team. Partner with us and you'll never be at a loss for answers again!

Course Outline:

Unit 1:
Leading with a vision

  • Topic A: Role of Leadership
  • Topic B: Vision
  • Topic C: Goals

Unit 2:
Making vision a reality

  • Topic A: Communicate and support vision
  • Topic B: Implement vision

Unit 3:
Defining employee roles and priorities

  • Topic A: Employee Roles
  • Topic B: Employee priorities

Unit 4:
Employing motivational strategies

  • Topic A: Employee motivation
  • Topic B: Employee apathy

Unit 5:
Planning for change

  • Topic A: Change Process
  • Topic B: Communication

Unit 6:
Motivating employees through change

  • Topic A: Motivate employees through change
  • Topic B: Resistance and conflict

Unit 7:
Coping through the change process

  • Topic A: Effects of change
  • Topic B: Failures and mistakes



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