Organization Development

Organization Research & Executive Coaching

Ancilla's Organization Research programs help our clients determine the effectiveness of their current leaders, teams and organizations. This set of diagnosis and executive coaching services help companies make the best use of their human resources by evaluating their performance and potential. It also looks as well at the different available opportunities and possibilities for people growth within the company. These programs can also be used to determine what possible solutions or interventions need to be made for current internal challenges which the organization faces. Our partnership with Symlog based in San Diego, California and Hopkins International ensures accurate and actionable diagnosis.


Strategic Planning & Programming

Our Strategic Planning and Programming intervention helps your company cope with external changes which may impact the future of your business. By determining the best way for your company to deal with the different changes and challenges which may occur within the near future, we help you develop a strategic plan that aims to close the gap between the company's present state and its desired future by developing the company's objectives and action plans. We help you not just in planning but also in managing change towards effective execution.


Innovation Planning

The modern world of business and organizations is one that requires constant improvement and innovation. With this program, our organization development experts help you understand the current state of market dynamics so that you are able to better recognize innovation opportunities. This program employs a unique framework that helps you arrive at a blueprint that will carry your organization through the years to come. We help you understand the box so that you are able to think outside it and expand it. This program helps you align all your system's roles and goals with your company's perceived innovative future.


Culture Building

Organization culture is essential to running an efficient and effective business and service enterprise smoothly—culture within an organization can make or break company productivity. With this program, we help establish a healthy work environment within your organization by taking your vision, mission and intrinsic goals into consideration. We see these factors vis-a-vis your company's existing norms, behavior and practices. We help you design value enhancement programs, diagnose your current culture and manage organizational cross cultural and intergenerational differences.


Cross Culture Management

This program aims to bridge all kinds of communication gaps due to the differences in culture. Through this program, we help you get messages across despite differences in (among other things) age, gender or generation. Based on your company's needs, our professionals custom-fit our programs to suit your needs and help develop culture sensitive communication competencies within the workplace. We utilize different fun and innovative activities that aim to impart key communication skills as well as provide an avenue for the practice and demonstration of these competencies.


Team Building

Through a series of fun, innovative and effective activities, lecturettes and modules, our Team Building programs help bring your organization members come closer together. We help develop a sense of professional trust among managers, officers and employees that will help equip the company work force to deal with the rigors of organizational life through synergy. Furthermore, we help your teams develop healthy norms and behaviors in the workplace, build sensitivity toward the needs of others and encourage teamwork and shared leadership responsibility.


Business Process Improvement

Ancilla's Continuous Improvement Program or CIP is a program designed to help your company achieve breakthrough results through improved business processes and operating efficiencies. The ultimate goal of this program is to increase your company's profitability and improve customer satisfaction. Through this program we improve your company's overall performance by focusing on processes that are key to your company's business. We map and problem solve current processes and streamline towards ideal business process. Run by our professional consultants, this program is custom-fit for your business and finance needs.


Organization Design

Ancilla's Organization Design intervention aim to assess and evaluate your current structure and processes so as to align them with the company's future goals and ideal vision. Through this design, we aim to help you develop an organizational plan to help carry your company through the years to come. It assesses and analyzes the organization design at 3 level: functional, process and staffing. Organization Design will help you build the best organization for your company, the suitable delivery arm of your business.



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