Developing Competency Based Human Resource Systems

Making HR Planning Competency Based

Transforming into Competency Based Human Resource Planning require decision makers defining the enterprise's strategic goals or business objectives. These goals have to be examined for desired organizational outputs or results. Practitioners need to determine the quantity and quality of work to be performed to support achievement of strategic goals or business objectives, the conditions and methods of work performance and worker characteristics that will result in exemplary performance. It must establish and maintain a human resource information system on people competencies and display expertise available in the organization.

Competency Based Employee Recruitment and Selection

What differentiates competency based recruitment and selection from the traditional way is the easy way of finding the right competencies because of an existing competency inventory of competencies of existing staff. Employee recruitment and selection is not only based on roles and responsibilities of the job but also on core and functional competencies contained in a competency based job description. It also identifies regular sources for people demonstrating exemplary performance. Most important in sourcing is checking out for competencies that are not easily learned through orientation and training.

Competency Based Employee Training and Development

The characteristics of competency based employee training and development involves the reinvention of the instructional systems design model to the strategic systems model. Training is intended to build individual competence relative to a competency model of exemplary performance. It also build competence within a team setting. In this approach competency building shifts from the organization to the individual. The person becomes more proactive assessing his/her existing competencies with the ideal competencies of the competency profile of the exemplary performer.

Competency Based Performance Management

In the competency based performance management approach, work results of employees and managers are synchronized to the organization's strategic plans and goals. Performance is indicated in measurable terms. It provides the opportunity to identify and develop needed competencies to improve performance. Outputs and metrics are clear at the start of the performance period. They are monitored and closely linked to incentives and rewards. It sets an environment in which roles, responsibilities and expectations are well defined. This builds strong trust, strong accountability and performance.

Competency Based Rewards

Rewards have to shift from the mindset of "fair play" to finding ways to retain and keep exemplary performers. Competency based rewards provide 3 time perspectives. One, would be incentives, before the performance is undertaken, two during the performance or concurrent rewards and after the performance has been demonstrated and measurable results have been achieved. It addresses the challenge of rewarding the exemplary performer whose performance could be 3 to 5 times that of the regular performer.




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